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  1. That is right up there with the Idiot who took the books that reported the truth about Trump; including ‘Whos Boat is This?’, and reshelved them around the library so “innocent people will not be able to read them”

  2. Ruth Rogers says:

    When I was an elementary school library tech, Book 1 of “A Series of Unfortunate Events” was on the shelf. A fourth grade teacher checked it out to ‘evaluate’ it for reading level. Decided it was in appropriate & kept it. Teachers could keep books until the end of the school year & when I ask for it back it had been ‘lost’.

  3. Elliot says:

    In one of the academic libraries in which I worked, I kept getting persistent calls at the reference desk from someone who said that he wrote a an anti-abortion book to counter a specific pro-choice one in our collection. The caller insisted that his creation had to be placed exactly on the shelf next to the book that he found objectionable. I told that I wasn’t the selector for this subject area and that it was up to that person to decide whether to add it or not. And, further, I informed this caller that even if it were accepted by the library, there was absolutely no guarantee that his opus would end up precisely on the shelf where he wanted it and that it depended on the subject area that the cataloger determined it best fir and the call number that the cataloger assigned to it. All the same, the author of the anti-abortion treatise kept calling back and irately insisting that we do his bidding.

  4. Elliot says:

    Oops! I seem typo-prone!

    The two that I actually caught:

    (3rd line to the far right) I omitted the word _him._ It should read: I told _him_ that I wasn’t the selector for this subject area…

    (Next to last line at the very beginning) should have read:
    …it best _fit_… and not _fir_.

    Sorry for the errors.

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