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Martin: I like ebooks as much as the next guy.
Grant: Not when the next guy is me.

Martin: But paper books are far superior.
Grant: That means you don’t like ebooks.

Martin: Look at the color on this graphic novel. A screen can’t hope to reproduce that.
Grant: It looks better here. The colors glow.

Martin: Vikings aren’t supposed to be luminous!


4 thoughts on “61”

  1. 5007-574in3d says:

    Aren’t the Aesir supposed to have a baseline luminescence? They’re the Viking gods, so…

  2. delagar says:

    I’m with ebook guy when it comes to graphic novels!

  3. Elliot says:

    I like print books esp. when there’s no need to do keyword searches and no index. Other than the compactness for travel (and even then, if I’m only taking one or two books on a trip, give me a codex, any old time), I’m fine without e-books. Besides, I don’t even own an e-book reader, and somehow I’ve survived (and with a dumb phone, too). I’d rather hold a book where I can manually turn pages (not, however, in the perverse way Martin often relates to print materials)! But, to each his/her own.

  4. Kara Shropshire says:

    I know I said this on a previous comic, but I’m pretty sure my sister and I have had this exact conversation.

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