5 thoughts on “521”

  1. matt says:

    my method to prevent this is to give my completed books to the library sale. Eventually my books will be neatly stacked on the bookshelves I have.

  2. notStanley says:

    ‘fraid that quantity with that (negative) level of organization is very close to “hoarding” instead of just “eccentric” :{ At least a fire hazard blocking exit routes.

    Though I do really like the reasoning in the last panel. that has happened to me when looking for something or trying to clean up }

    1. Ed Rhodes says:

      I’m reminded of Larry Niven’s “Inferno.” The battle between the Horders and the Wasters, stuck in the middle was a book collector who was both! He’d spent his entire inheritance on a massive pile of rare books, but spent nothing to preserve them. They rotten in a barn!

  3. SeanR says:

    I’m starting to become a stacker, as I’ve run out of bookshelves.
    I’d get some more bookshelves, but first I’d need more walls to put them against.
    Otherwise, game books are on one set of shelves, sorted by system, non-fiction on another set, largely unsorted, and fiction in the rest, sorted by either primary author or series.

    1. Gene Ambaum says:

      I try to maintain some kind of rough system to my graphic novels & etc (stacked, shelved, both, neither, roaving) but the only thing I do consistently is keeping my signed firsts collectors don’t-touch-’ems on a high shelf.

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