One of the things I *love* about working in different libraries, as I do these days, is getting to talk about books with staff I don’t know well, who read lots more than I do. I even get to hear about books I’d never read, which sometimes boggles my mind (though I love all the titles mentioned in this comic).

This is also the first Library Comic strip drawn by my friend, the fabulous Willow Payne. Willow and I have been working together for years — she used to draw Unshelved Book Club comics, and is currently drawing our graphic novel The Burning Blade of Fire plus a few other project we have in the works. Please help me welcome her to the team.


11 thoughts on “519”

  1. William McDuff says:

    Shout out to World War Z by Max Brooks! 🙂

    1. Gene Ambaum says:

      I’m sure that’s Stephanie’s favorite.

  2. Welcome, Willow!

    Will Willow be trading off with Pat or is she the new primary? It’s been fun seeing these characters through multiple artists’ eyes.

    Also, I just read (like stayed up too late last night finishing it) My Life As a White Trash Zombie by Diana Rowland and it’s good. Shares some elements with the very enjoyable tv adaptation of iZombie (based on Chris Roberson’s comic which I have not read, but should)

    1. Gene Ambaum says:

      Willow is working with me mostly on book-related strips in the current 4 panel format — some of them are booktalks, while others are more reminiscent of the Unshelved Book Club — but you should see her draw other Library Comic characters from time to time (or more often if I can find time to write more booktalky strips).

    2. Chuk says:

      I should read some of the later Rowland books, I think I stopped after 2 or 3. And the tv series iZombie (which I like) is much more like the Rowland books than it is like the comic it shares a title with.

  3. SeanR says:

    John Ringo’s “Under a Graveyard Sky”, and at least the earlier sequels, (I need to catch up.)

  4. Nan Garrison says:

    Welcome, Willow!
    My favorite Zombie series is Until the End of The World by Sarah Lyons Fleming. I tore through that series listening to the audiobooks performed by Julia Whelan. Great stuff!

  5. Anna says:

    “Rot & Ruin” – series by Jonathan Maberry. Incorporates coming-of-age and is SO wonderful! I may have first discovered it because of the “Unshelved” strip!

  6. Melia says:

    It’s not a typical zombie series since it’s not a sci-fi zombie apocalypse sort of story, but the Old Kingdom series by Garth Nix is great for a fantasy twist on zombies and necromancy.

  7. sam says:

    They aren’t brain-obsessed but I could make a case for the unthinking, shuffling beings populating Earth in /Terminal Alliance/ (and the new /Terminal Uprising/) by Jim C. Hines. On the list of my top-5 favorite books from last year.

  8. Ceri Cat says:

    Well The Last of Us isn’t strictly speaking zombies, but yeah the addition to the story in American Dreams was great. Still frustrated by the negative reactions to Bill (TLoU) and Ellie being queer though (covered mostly in the Left Behind DLC).

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