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Patron: I want to check these out.
Martin: Wrong desk.

Patron: Pardon?
Martin: This is the desk where we answer questions.

Martin: The circulation desk is behind you and to the left. That’s the desk where they check out your books.

Patron: You can't check these out to me?
Martin: At last, a question I can answer. Technically, I could. But according to our rules, I can’t. Anything else?


4 thoughts on “51”

  1. Eva says:

    I need this as a framed print.

    1. Bookworm1987 says:

      Me too! We have a desk where you can check out your books, but if you want to check out some CDs, DVDs or games, you have to go to another desk. The patrons often ask me why. But I have no proper answer …

  2. Rob says:

    All the time. Even worse is when it’s a combined desk, which is what we have now. If all they’re doing is checking out, I will sometimes do it if there’s a line by circulation. Just have to be careful not to tell anyone…

  3. Brandon says:

    Our info desk is on the second floor, and we get asked about checking out books all the time. I always tell people I’m not allowed to do it after what happened last time. If they ask “What happened last time?”, I say “I’m not allowed to talk about it, but our insurance premiums are still high and I’m still in therapy.”

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