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Patron 1: Do you really need THAT computer?
Patron 2: I need to check my email.

Patron 1: That’s a special computer.
Patron 2: It can certainly do some amazing things.

Patron 1: It’s for people who need it, like me.
Patron 2: Okay...

Patron 1: I’m trying to make sure that you need it, too.
Patron 2: What’s special about using email?


2 thoughts on “490”

  1. Zan Lynx says:

    If they can’t read the sign, they obviously have low vision. And thus qualify to use the computer!

  2. Smithnik says:

    Based on the dialogue, she has low perception, rather than low vision. Not quite the same problem.
    Of course, we have no reason to believe that the sign is two-sided, but that’s another issue.

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