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Grant: The Japanese word for chicken leg?

Grant: Okay, I’ve got that up on my screen.

Grant: No, sorry, I can’t read Japanese.

Computer: チキンレッグ
Laura: Every time I think about going to library school I see something I don’t understand.


4 thoughts on “487”

  1. Bay says:

    This is extra funny if you can read katakana. A+

    1. karen says:

      I would concur, I took Japanese in HS/college. I guess google is good.

  2. Ritz says:

    I love how Grant probably just went to Google translate and got “chikin reggu,” or “chicken leg” as spelled in the phonetic alphabet (well, the one reserved for words of foreign origin). I think we have all submitted requests that just return the same word we ask for instead of a translation.

    One of my favorite digital translator bungles was when I submitted the Spanish word for Easter bunny (conejo de Pascua) and got “Passover rabbit” in return. Note, this was back when we used Babelfish before we had Google Translate.

  3. David Nuttall says:

    So you use the speech feature to hear “Skeenayco”. So handy.

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