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Patron: I need a copy of my birth certificate, too?
Grant: Yes, and good news, they’re easy to get.

Patron: Easy?
Grant: It’s a straightforward process, and it’s clear how to proceed.

Grant: Just fill out this form and take it to the county office.

Patron: This feels like a test.
Grant: It says “First Name.” If that’s a stumper, I can’t help you.


4 thoughts on “483”

  1. agerb71 says:

    It’s only simple if you live where you were born and have time to take off work to go get it. Or can afford to pay to order it online. And you can’t just send anyone to get it for you.
    We had an interesting and expensive time getting my nephew’s birth certificate, and my sister had to order hers from across the country.

    1. David Nuttall says:

      Be glad you were getting yours from within the same country. It can be a real pain if you have to deal with a country where you no longer live. Mind you, then they will want your citizenship documents to get a passport.

  2. Bethany says:

    Mine disappeared in the (certified) mail trying to get it to me in another state. Still curious when that’ll haunt me down the road.

    1. Paul says:

      Mine fell apart into four pieces. Not sure if I could find any or all of them now.

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