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↓ Transcript
Patron: Can you remove the DRM from an ebook I checked out?
Grant: Probably.

Patron: Great!
Grant: But I won’t.

Patron: You stink.
Grant: I think you meant to ask me if I would remove the DRM from an ebook. The answer is no.

Patron: Okay, then, how would one find out how to remove the DRM from an ebook?
Grant: Sorry, I’ve recently been told I need to go apply some deodorant.


3 thoughts on “479”

  1. Curtis says:

    I could instead tell you about an awesome ebook cataloging/management software, but you have to learn to ask open ended questions first.

  2. tudza says:

    Hey, how about removing the DRM from a book I bought?

  3. Lisa S. in Seattle says:

    It amazes me that people would ask that of a librarian, although it doesn’t surprise me.

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