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Patron: What are you?
Jody: Pardon me?

Patron: What ARE you?
Jody: I’m a woman. I’m a mother. I’m a library assistant.

Patron: No, where are you from?
Jody: The United States of America.

Patron: But where are you REALLY from?
Jody: Do you want to see a picture of my mother?


4 thoughts on “42”

  1. Mosh says:

    Just to say…


    Yay 🙂

  2. Denise says:

    Ugh, I loathe ALL his questions. I’ve been in Jody’s shoes too many times, and never had the guts to quip something clever. “What are you?” BATMAN! “Where are you from?” BATMAN! …

  3. Elliot says:

    When I was in library school, a classmate asked me if I was an “international” student. I was born and raised in the US.

    I got a similar stupid question when I drove to Canada once from the border guard. I showed her my driver’s license (back before you needed a valid passport to go to and return from Canada) and then got her insulting question. Not that it matters, but she had straight, blond hair and blue eyes. And not that it matters, but I have blue eyes and dark wavy, brown hair.

    If these morons couldn’t tell from my accent that I am a North American all my life (and even I had been born elsewhere, what’s it their business, but I wasn’t), that’s their problem. As a matter of fact, the guy in my class at library school had a super thick southern accent.

    And Jody’s responses are perfect. Too bad, you can’t give a sharp rejoinder at a border crossing without inviting extra hassles.

    1. Elliot says:

      Oops, I meant to say “…and even _had I_ been born elsewhere…” Non-Freudian slip…

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