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↓ Transcript
Grant: What’s the point in buying books you don’t read?
Martin: They'll be handy when I want them.

Martin: Besides, there’s a good chance I’ll start reading this tonight.

Grant: You’ve checked out four other books today.
Martin: A one in five chance, then.

Grant: Until you see the new books the pages just shelved.
Martin: New books?!


2 thoughts on “413”

  1. Paul says:

    I’m with Grant here. If you want to hoard books you should have the reading speed to keep up with it. Otherwise you’re just a crazy cat lady only with books instead.

    Although it does have the advantage that books rarely poop behind the settee and hardly ever eat each other’s corpses when you keep forgetting to feed them.

  2. Ed Rhodes says:

    I’m reminded of a character in Larry Niven’s book “Inferno.” On the plain of horders and wasters, the hero finds a legendary book collector who was both. He’d spent his entire inheritance on a massive collection of books, but didn’t save any money to preserve them! As a result, the entire collection rotted in his barn!

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