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Patron 1: I found all these tote bags in your dumpster!

Patron 1: I can’t believe you threw them out.
Jody: You don't have to believe it, the evidence is in your hands.

Patron 1: I mean that you shouldn’t have thrown them out. They’re still useful.
Jody: I had reasons.

Patron 2: Look, the juice stain really isn’t that bad.
Patron 3: Is this where I can donate old books that I never read?


6 thoughts on “404”

  1. Matt T says:

    Is it wrong I was hoping this comic wouldn’t be found? (404…)

    1. Rob says:

      Nope. Expected the same thing.

  2. Elliot says:

    Most libraries do accept donations of books–that are, we hope, not full of mold; vermin, food or beverage, or blood or other bodily fluid stains; or worse (if that’s possible); or damaged beyond use; etc.–but not usually at the circ or ref desks.

    But, that’s what I love about this strip, the wonderfully crazy, absurd scenarios and kooky patrons Gene and Chris are always bringing to life! There are more than a few of these quirky incidents and “colorful” users in real life settings as some of the “based on true story” tales featured in Library COMIC have shown. I daresay some of the reality is even stranger than the fiction!

    1. karen says:

      We’ve had dump offs by the staff door, one was stuffed in the door handle…..we’ve also gotten them in the front circulation desk….and then we have staff go through(some are kind of yucky)…my old gig had a clear sign saying what they would accept.

  3. Reynar says:

    I wish these were ” crazy, absurd scenarios and kooky patrons” rather than just another day.

    1. Elliot says:

      Note above; “I daresay some of the reality is even stranger than the fiction!”

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