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Grant: You have the right to remain silent. Anything ridiculous or creepy that you say can and will be laughed at in the back room.

Grant: Any real questions you ask will be answered to the best of my ability, as long as they don’t violate privacy or the law or good taste.

Grant: You have the right to be in a hurry, but not to expect that I answer your questions immediately.

Grant: With these rights in mind, what can I help you with?
Patron: Uh...


4 thoughts on “384”

  1. That Boney Librarian says:

    Can I get this on a card?

    1. Emma says:

      Seconded! I love this one!

      1. Carmen says:

        Thirded! We need to be able to get a print of this one!

  2. Definitely sharing this with my fellow staff members at Hart County Library. (That’s Hart County Library — named Georgia Public Library of the Year for 2016. Visit our FB page at “Hart County Public Library”… not “Hart County Library” because that’s the one in Kentucky, surprisingly named after exactly the same woman, the Revolutionary “War Woman”, Nancy Hart. But I digress.)

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