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Gigi: I’m afraid that needs a lid.
Patron: It’s not open.

Gigi: Our rules specify beverage containers must have lids. They don’t say “only when they’re open.”
Patron: Those are stupid rules.

Patron: Look, I promise not to drink it in the library, okay.

Gigi: That seems entirely reasonable, but I’m upset that you insulted the rules.
Patron: Is there a rule against that?


3 thoughts on “380”

  1. David Nuttall says:

    That container does have a lid. It is also referred to as the top of the can. Also, the lid is not easily removable, so even less likely to spill.

  2. Smithnik says:

    Not exactly. Most dictionaries seem to define a “lid” as being the REMOVABLE covering for a container, or at least hinged, to permit the container to be opened and closed. One might argue that the pop-top counted, but probably not the top of the can. The problem with the pop-top is closing it again…

  3. Glenn Webster says:

    Rules for the sake of making a RULE.
    Poorly thought out or phrased rules.
    Small-minded bureaucrats whose only joy in life is making rules and imposing them on their betters.
    Idiots who misinterpret and misapply rules.
    This is the world we know.

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