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Lucy: You cannot send letters in which you pretend to represent the library.
Patron: Why not?

Lucy: It’s fraud.
Patron: I didn’t send that letter for financial benefit.

Lucy: It’s dishonest.
Patron: I meant what I said. And I was acting in the best interest of my community, just like the library does.

Lucy: It’s irritating.
Patron: It’s less annoying than the misspellings in that book. And don’t get me started about the plot holes.


4 thoughts on “373”

  1. David Nuttall says:

    Depending on the jurisdiction, criminal fraud does not need to be for financial gain. The possible legal complications this guy is facing could include: fraud, criminal impersonation (fine/jail time), trademark infringement (cease & desist order, civil financial liability), violation of library terms of use policy (loss of use of the library services, including conducting business in the meeting rooms and internet connection).

    1. Joe says:

      It must really be a trip to write this comic day after day only to have someone — almost without fail —
      grind each joke into oblivion with unsolicited advice and explanations in the comments.

      1. Jeff says:

        Honestly, I’m a fan of getting a little more information in the comments. The comic speaks for itself and I don’t see innocuous commentary as making it any less funny.
        At least, it didn’t for me.

      2. Grateful says:

        I scrolled down to this page’s comment section by accident. I’ve been avoiding scrolling down far enough to see them for at least a hundred comics now since NO ONE seems to understand that these are caricatures and jokes and there are a bunch of people who insist on going “Well that’s not how MY library works” or “The punchline made me laugh” or “Actually it works like this…” or “POLITICS” or some other inane drivel that only shows that they probably shouldn’t be reading comics on the internet.

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