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↓ Transcript
Patron: I’m looking for a book.
Martin: What subjects are you interested in?

Patron: None.
Martin: I’ve got just the thing for you.

Patron: It’s blank.
Martin: Right.

Patron: I don’t want this.
Martin: I fear you’ll say that about whatever book I give you. At least this way I understand what you mean.


3 thoughts on “348”

  1. Laura says:

    That’s really funny, but sadly, the blank book stunt isn’t really helping the patron. I usually default to a graphic novel, or tell them to wander around and browse until they see something that looks interesting. Failing that, I point them toward the DVDs.

    Though, I did once see a blank book in a bookstore, not with the journals and sketchbooks. The cover read “Everything Men Know About Women” on one side, and “Everything Women Know About Men” upside down on the other.

  2. TimH says:

    Some years back a UK maritime publisher produced a book called ‘Laugh with the Air Force’. The inside pages were blank (I appreciate the joke may be lost on some people). Looking at the front cover makes me feel very very old …

  3. Bookworm87 says:

    In this case I would ask, what the Patron does for a living, what does he do in his spare time, what movies does he like and so on. There is a book for everyone! And to find this book for this patron is part of our job.

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