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↓ Transcript
Patron 1: He needs to read a biography for school.
Martin: The kids biographies are shelved with our YA and Adult biographies.

Patron 1: Which one should he read?
Martin: Why not let him decide?

Patron 1: Because, frankly, he makes terrible decisions.
Martin: Aren’t you supposed to support his independence? Boost his confidence?

Patron 1: I’m too busy trying to get him to bathe, brush his teeth, and stop picking his nose.
Patron 2: I like this one! It tastes good!


2 thoughts on “340”

  1. David Nuttall says:

    Wrong organ, kid. You are supposed to read with your eyes, not tongue.

    1. That_Boney_Librarian says:

      Unless you’re blind, deaf, and just a torso.

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