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↓ Transcript
Patron: I need to print this document from my phone.
Martin: Impossible.

Patron: Can I email it to one of your computers?
Martin: Maybe.

Patron: I’m sure that will work!
Martin: I wish your confidence made the library’s technology work better.

Jody: Why didn’t you just help her?
Martin: My approach will give her the satisfaction of telling me I was wrong and next time she’ll try the obvious solution without asking for help.


3 thoughts on “337”

  1. tudza says:

    Not sure I’d want Google Cloud Print turned on for a public printer, but that’s the sort of thing it’s for.

    1. Paul says:

      When there’s a storm-front on Google Cloud Print it rains dick pics.

      When I was at university, I printed out the entire Principia Discordia on a crappy university printer. Apologies from past me for killing the planet one tree at a time. I wonder where Martin stands on the subject of ‘print your own books’. Slightly better than reading it on a computer, I guess.

      1. Michael says:

        The Principia Discordia is only like 50-60 pages. I went through a whole ream of paper each term when I was in school, printing out peer-reviewed journal articles, because I refuse to read them on a screen.

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