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Patron: I’m trying to decide what my book club should read next month.
Grant: We have book club sets that contain a dozen copies of each book.

Patron: How’s the selection?
Grant: They’re all popular titles.

Patron: Well we don’t like to read what everyone else reads. We try to stay ahead of the herd.
Grant: I could figure out which of the sets is least popular.

Patron: Aren’t you sweet! But sorry, we don’t want to waste time on crap, either.


2 thoughts on “329”

  1. Sue Mary Lester says:

    We have what we call “Books by the Stack”. Patrons can check-out 1 book or all the books with the same title. Most are fiction, but some are non-fiction. There are over 30 titles to choose from and the selection changes periodically. If a title is popular, it stays in the lineup. If it isn’t, it gets replaced.

  2. Laura says:

    Not all hipsters are young people!

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