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Patron: You look just like a guy I hated in high school.
Grant: That couldn’t have been me. You’re much younger than I am.

Patron: You even sound like him.
Grant: So he had a great voice?

Patron: I’m not trying to compliment you.
Grant: Good because you’re making a bad job of it.

Patron: That’s exactly the kind of thing he would say!
Grant: What did he say to make you leave him alone?


One thought on “327”

  1. David Nuttall says:

    Blonde: “That’s the bell; class is over for today.” He was my math teacher in grade 11.
    Grant: Well, he might be my age, but I never taught math.
    Blonde: He also taught the computer courses, but I never took them.
    Grant: Well, we might actually get along well, but that person was not me.

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