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Patron: You were assigned to bring me manly books?
Grant: Yes.

Grant: I dug into the depths of the stereotype.

Grant: Here are books on wood chopping, car repair, steer jerking, and how to win bar fights.

Patron: He’s not really interested in any of these things.
Grant: Tell him to man up.


One thought on “324”

  1. Rez Delnava says:

    Preach it, Grant!
    Flip that script on toxic masculinity!
    As a fellow queer librarian, I have wanted to say something like this for so long… to turn that “man up” phrase against people who think there is something wrong with a guy liking romances and nail polish.

    This relates to another gender stereotyping question that bugs me: “Oh, you’re a guy… What kind of books do you think my husband would like?” My inner thoughts are always, “How the *bleep* am I supposed to know,” just before the RA training kicks in and I politely start the interview while holding in a rant about gender norms.

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