Check out Kelly Jones’ Regency mystery with a touch of magic.


↓ Transcript
Patron: WE are not going in THERE. No one should go in there.
Laura: I support your right to say and believe that.

Kid: But I need to go!
Patron: I’m going to organize a protest to put an end to this!
Laura: Thanks, I’ll be sure to warn my manager.


Patron: Well I’m not going in there with him.
Laura: I’ll be happy to forget you said that if you ever need me to.


2 thoughts on “304”

  1. Morri says:

    I don’t reply much on this comic – but it’s such a unique and witty idea! I don’t think librarian’s get enough spotlight, and this is just a brilliant way to highlight the happenings of a library.

    1. Elliot says:

      “I don’t think librarian’s get enough spotlight…” One of the reasons most of us are woefully underpaid!

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