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Stephanie: Can I help you?
Patron 1: The self checkout station said there’s a problem.
Patron 2: She was having trouble.

Stephanie: Let me take a look.
Patron 2: She took the card gingerly, as if it was a baby chick or a dirty needle.

Patron 2: The man in line continued to wait. He knew this would take a while.

Stephanie: Give me a moment to figure this out.
Patron 1: No worries.
Patron 2: Was she merely feigning a lack of concern? What bibliographic crimes was she guilty of? Time would tell.


2 thoughts on “291”

  1. Alphacentaurian says:

    I swear the narrating guy reminds me so much of Dewey.
    In many ways.

    1. Michael says:

      No doubt this is how Dewey behaves when he’s in someone else’s library.

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