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Patron: Bad news.  

Patron: I recognized the plot halfway through reading this.
Martin: Maybe it’s just unoriginal.

Martin: What you really need me to find for you are books that are good to read even if you already know about them. Books that are more than the sum of their summaries and reviews. Books that are worth rereading.

Patron: You’re drawing a blank aren’t you?
Martin: For you, yes. But I’m making a huge mental list of books that I want to read again.


2 thoughts on “284”

  1. notStanley says:

    Yeah, I have some favorites that get read every year! One I was so taken with, that I re-read it as soon as I had finished the first time! [[been a while, either Courtship Rites, or Hellspark]]

  2. Khavren says:

    I found a fantasy series of reimaged fairy tales with a reference to hellspark, totally out of left field

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