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Patron: Your desk is a mess.
Jody: Good morning!

Patron: You shouldn’t keep so many things here.
Jody: Well the drawers are full.

Patron: Someone should fine you library people for a change.
Jody: Ah. So you’re angry because you owe us money?

Patron: No. I’m here to book your meeting room for my homeowner’s association.
Jody: You should have opened with that. And then stuck with it.


2 thoughts on “261”

  1. Elliot says:

    Desk is a “mess?” Is she kidding? I haven’t been able to even _find_ my desk in years! The ref desk where Jody maintains her post is what I call one super-neat work surface! This is obviously a patron who drags her negativity around with her and is not just ready to pounce, but does so before anyone even says “good morning.”

    1. Harley says:

      She’s there to book an HOA meeting. You know, HOA’s, those groups who think your property is too messy and fine you if you dare to park *your* vehicle in *your* driveway.

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