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Grant: That’s not mine.
Jody: You left it in the fridge.

Jody: I understand why you might not recognize it. I believe that sometime last year it was a tuna salad sandwich. But that’s just a guess.

Grant: I still don’t think it’s mine.
Jody: Your boyfriend cuts the crusts off of your sandwiches. He also writes your name on the plastic.

Grant: Fine, it’s mine. Thanks for reuniting us.
Jody: Oh, we’re just getting started.


3 thoughts on “228”

  1. VL says:

    Remains me of the time when in the similar situation the peson cleaning the fridge found 1.5-year old milk cartons in the back of the fridge…..

  2. Yorick says:

    I repeatedly said “EWWW” for almost 30 seconds after seeing this. *Blorch* just throw the stuff away!

  3. Ozan says:

    This comic made the bast way to state some character is gay. Such a good way to say it. Now that’s good writing.

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