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↓ Transcript
Mike: I’m afraid you need to pay your library fines before you can check out that book.

Patron: Why did you wait until I was ready to leave to tell me that?
Mike: Leverage.

Patron: I’ll just go to the free little library down the street. They don’t have fines.
Mike: They never have anything worth reading, either.

Patron: Take your blood money.
Mike: Happy reading!


4 thoughts on “220”

  1. Chuk says:

    Isn’t that kind of the opposite of ‘free’?

  2. Robert in San Diego says:

    A friend of mine built and put up a Little Free Library at spouse’s request. Thought it would be a dead end, little used. Observation after installation shows all sorts of neighbors, some previously unknown, coming by on regular basis (like weekly, or biweekly) to take and leave books. He knows they’re neighbors because tween kids don’t razor scooter for long distances. Ditto Pomeranian dogs being walked.

  3. Elisa says:

    While I working at previous branch library, I’d see a Free Little Library in the front yard of a private house on my drive to work.

    Also, there’s a Free Little Library in the organic market in my town. Certainly a unique location!

  4. Elliot says:

    They’re all over my neighborhood of this smaller city. This includes one right across the street encircled in front of the little library housing with a string of mini-lights, which, at night, add to the figurative illumination with a literal-ary glow.

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