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Patron: The second Captain Underpants book is supposed to be on the shelf but it’s not.

Laura: Let me see when it was checked in.

Laura: You a big fan?

Patron: It's for my.. I have a nephew!
Laura: Don't worry, I love it too.


5 thoughts on “21”

  1. delagar says:

    It’s for my… friend! My friend LOVES those books!

  2. LEF says:

    Please, please tell me you are developing a store and that shirt will be for sale in it!

    1. Hannah says:

      What does it mean?

      1. Plex says:

        It’s a riff based on the pop-culture phrase “Han Shot First,” referring to the controversy over Star Wars Ep.4, “A New Hope” when the film was re-released. A specific scene (among several others) was changed, much to the rage of the original film version’s fans.

  3. jlp says:

    I agree LEF. I would so wear that shirt.

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