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Patron: Hello Esther!
Lucy: Time for you to leave. Come back tomorrow if you can behave yourself.

Patron: I know you can hear me in the back room!
Lucy: Now you need to stay out for a week.

Patron: You can’t kick me out for saying hello!
Lucy: I absolutely can. See you in a month.

Patron: I’m not leaving!
Lucy: Thank you! Now I can get the police involved and ban you for way longer.


4 thoughts on “190”

  1. GreenT says:

    Well, this has taken a dark yet sadly realistic turn…

  2. 5007-574IN3D says:

    This is why Lucy makes a good boss.

    1. Elliot says:

      Here she is, for sure. At other times, however, she’s a bit inflexible and over-the-top. See the previous series where Grant is trying to be both helpful to people having tech. problems with their devices and yet toeing the line on not doing outright repairs for them. But, you’re right: in this case, Lucy’s protecting her employee while letting this creepy character know that she’s doing that and keeping the library safe from stalkers like he is.

      1. dutchguy says:

        I can see what you mean but there is also the fact that if Grant messed up the repairs or the the owners messes up afterwards and blames Grant that will cause more issues for the library

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