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Lucy: I need you to be more polite to people who need their computers repaired.
Grant: The best thing might be for me to try to help them, but you won’t let me do that.

Lucy: Tell them that you can’t help them in more gentle terms.
Grant: “My boss won’t let me use my knowledge to help you in your hour of need.”

Lucy: Be more like Jody.
Jody: The only thing I know is that I know less about it than you.

Grant: So I should plead ignorance instead of indifference?
Jody: One is always a good cover story for the other.


3 thoughts on “182”

  1. notStanley says:

    No matter how many disclaimers about “best effort” and “you should go to an official repair shop”, offering an unfunded, under-staffed, without tools, without stock, service will only cause great grief. There will always be some member of the Entitled Public who will claim their taxes paid for it, and that once started, you have to send them home with a working unit.

  2. Robert in San Diego says:

    It’s so great when you can guide someone to “see that little tab that says ‘edit’ to the right” but year, sometimes it all ends in tears.

  3. Ignatz says:

    Grant should give them his card, and tell them to call him when he’s off duty.

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