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Grant: You tend to demean people who don’t like books.
Martin: It’s not an insult to ask someone why they don’t read. // It’s professional outreach.

Grant: You can’t force books on people.
Martin: Putting the right book into the right hands is a magical, irresistible moment.

Grant: just turn it down a bit. Be more polite.
Martin: Fine. I’ll be gentle.

Martin: This book is so amazing! It has lots of big pictures. You’ll learn to fix a lot of what I suspect is wrong with you.


4 thoughts on “178”

  1. Angel says:

    I just love the facial expression of the patron at the end. Those eyes. . .

    1. Chris says:


  2. Elliot says:

    More over-the-top Martin!

  3. I like this comic a lot, as a rule… but I like this week’s strips in particular. Thanks for these!

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