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Patron: I don’t like that sign.

Patron: It sounds like we’re a problem.
Patron2: We know we’re not. We’re powerful. // Hence their fear.

Patron: They’re comparing us to a disease that needs to be quarantined.
Patron2: Well, I do have a paradigm-shattering idea they should protect themselves from.

Patron: How can we get them to see us as people and not a problem?
Patron2: It’s just a paper sign. Tear it down.


4 thoughts on “166”

  1. GreenT says:

    I am thrilled to see more libraries offer spaces designed specifically for teens, but this attitude is still far too common. I work in a teen space and I can’t imagine working with another age group and actually enjoying it!

  2. VL says:

    In my experience, it is not the teens but the _pre-teens_ 10-14) that are more problematic.

    1. GreenT says:


      1. katy says:

        In my experience, it’s the adults.

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