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Kid: My mommy won’t stop using her phone.
Jane: I know. I’ve talked to her about that many times.

Kid: Do you have a book that can teach her it’s rude?

Jane: Not that I know of offhand, but let’s go take a look.

Kid: Do you have anything that will stop her right now?
Jane: That bookshelf behind her might do it.


10 thoughts on “164”

  1. Elliot says:

    Everywhere you go, everyone’s eyes are glued to their devices. I find it refreshing nowadays to see someone reading a printed book in public; it’s getting rarer and rarer.

    1. Arwin says:

      I have 5,000 books on my phone. Just because I’m on it doesn’t mean I’m not reading 🙂

      1. Elliot says:

        Enjoy! I was just saying that someone who’s actually holding _up_ a printed book in his or her hands and manually turning pages stands out and is somewhat surprsing, pleasant, and refresxhing to see when compared to all the people–everywhere one looks–staring _down_ at illuminated screens all the time without much let-up. The former harkens back to a (slightly) simpler time. I’m not advocating for turning back the clock–not that that is possible anyway–just marvelling at the contrast. And, yes, I’m one of those who still–like Martin, but not with the same fanatical zeal, mind you–who likes the feel and heft of printed matter in my hands. There _is_ something to be said for both formats. It’s easier to find specific places you want to go to with e-books than with print, but, quite frankly, the idea of reading an _entire_ book online makes my head and eyes sore just thinking about it!

        1. 5007-574IN3D says:

          The complaint against people being on phones and other electronic devices sounds exactly the same as the complaint in the 1880’s against people on the train ignoring the other passengers in favor of reading the newspaper (which they had just developed the tech to print thousands of a day, instead of a mere 600 before noon).

          1. Elliot says:

            I wasn’t complaining, just noting how rare and refreshing it is to see someone holding and reading a printed book in public. And, the child in this strip _is_ making a valid point about the mother’s obession and how it takes away from being there for her child by living virtually rather than actually.

            And, you’ll maybe have noted that I didn’t condemn e-books or devices if you read what I wrote carefully. I’m by no means advoctring that we jettison technology and progress and return to the days of horse and buggy, just saying, “look up onve in a while, breathe, and enjoy real reality.”

          2. Elliot says:

            Sorry for the typos: I meant to write:

            I’m by no means advocating that we jettison technology and progress and return to the days of the horse and buggy, just saying, “look up once in a while, breathe, and enjoy real reality.”

      2. Ozan says:

        I had to say that to my wife all the time. Since I started working overseas, I got into ebooks and I read them on my phone. She alwaysthought I was on intagram or something.

  2. Robert in San Diego says:

    I took a selfie of myself and the local “Library –>” sign about 40 minutes ago. My excuse: Contest at work.

    Robert in San Diego, with two books acquired this week waiting for me when I’m done with web stuff at the library.

  3. Kristine says:

    I think the point of this strip is the child would like the attention of Mom…..

    1. Elliot says:


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