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Patron: I’m taking this under protest.
Martin: I hope you’re taking it because it’s worth reading.

Patron: I told you I’m going to give it a try.
Martin: That’s all we can ask.

Patron: I’m not lying.
Martin: I didn’t think you were.

Patron: Then why are you giving me that look?
Martin: Because dealing with you has taken every ounce of energy and self control I have.


3 thoughts on “160”

  1. tlh-in-tlh says:

    The lady doth project too much, methinks. My sympathies, Martin.

  2. notStanley says:

    She is just one of those folk that have to argue about everything. Always assuming that you are trying to denigrate her. Probably would be even more difficult to steer into the psych self-help section

    1. Elliot says:

      We all know of someone living in a big white house of whom we can say the same things, and he’s much more dangerous.

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