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Patron: This isn’t even our history.
Martin: Everyone’s history is my history.

Patron: Well it’s not mine.
Martin: Are you visiting from another dimension? An alternate timeline?

Patron: No! I’m not black! Why are you excluding me?
Martin: We’re not. We’re inviting you to learn something new.

Patron: Well what if I’m not interested in your invitation?
Martin: We’ll just have the party without you.


2 thoughts on “159”

  1. Laura says:

    My respect for Martin has gone up several notches.

    Hey Martin, maybe you could add the “March” graphic novels by John Lewis to the display? I’m reading them right now — and I can honestly say that a comic book made me cry.

  2. LauraRose says:

    I agree with Laura above. He was just a bit odd before. Now he is a hero. I am absolutely loving being in on the beginning of this comic. I hope it has a good long run!

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