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↓ Transcript
Martin: Please pay the fine for the book you ruined.
Patron: How much do I owe you?

Martin: First, I need your library card.
Patron: I don’t have one.

Martin: I need to check the book out to you before I can charge you for it.
Patron: I still don’t have one.


5 thoughts on “153”

  1. 5007-574IN3D says:

    Martin.exe has encountered a critical error and must be restarted. Continue? y/n

    1. =Tamar says:

      Just take the money and put it in petty cash.

  2. Eva says:

    I keep looking from the 2nd to 3rd panel and back to try to figure out how the artist conveys that Martin is looking from the book in panel 2 to the patron in panel 3 but can’t quite figure out how it’s managed. It’s very subtle.

    1. Erhannis says:

      I think it’s (partially) the placement of the ear relative to the eyes etc., indicating that his head is tilted down (or not).

    2. sam says:

      in panel 2, his eyes touch his nose. in panel 3, they don’t; they are a tiny bit higher on his face..

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