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Martin: Enlighten me. How does the destruction of an important historic resource taste?


5 thoughts on “134”

  1. Paul says:

    It could only taste better if it was seasoned with your bitter tears.

    1. 5007 says:

      Yeah, cellulose doesn’t have much of a flavor to it.

  2. GreenT says:

    It tastes like the finger spit of countless readers before me.

  3. Bookworm87 says:

    I HATE people doing this! Even if they do this to their own books. It’s disgusting and I can’t understand the reason for this behaviour. Are these people too clumsy to turn a page without licking their fingers?

    1. AcidRain says:

      I only do this if I can’t separate two pages.
      I have some physical issues that make me clumsy enough that my options are to lick my finger, or risk tearing two pages.
      I do try to keep a tiny square of beeswax for this purpose, but if I don’t have it I still use a dab of saliva- unless I have a cold or something catching.

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