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Gigi: We ask that you put all books on a reshelving cart instead of putting them back on the shelf.
Patron: I think I can handle this. I know the alphabet.

Gigi: And yet you put it back in the wrong place.
Patron: Can’t we just pretend?


4 thoughts on “130”

  1. Erhannis says:

    Also, when you put the books on the shelving cart, the library knows the book was used and can buy more like it!

  2. Eva says:

    lol at how Gigi appears suddenly whenever there’s a policy infraction

  3. Robert in San Diego says:

    Dear Erhannis:
    You’ve got a sentient library? I think “Sentient Library” will be the name of my new infopunk band.

    1. Justin says:

      What’s an infopunk band? Might there be a song that can educate me about it?

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