Coffee Table Book Review: Off the Grid

Off the Grid: Houses for Escape by Dominic Bradbury. Thames & Hudson, 2019. 9780500021422. 271 pp. including an Off-Grid Guide to get you started thinking about things like planning, materials, energy/heat, light, waste, water, and landscaping; thumbnails of architectural plans; and an index.

The ultimate cabin book includes photos of (and words about) beautiful, small homes in scenic locales, with each small building focused on design, green living, and an appreciation of the natural world. I could live in any of these as long as it had more built in bookshelves. My favorites include:
the Watershed in Wren, Oregon. Rainwater from the roof pours into a trough in front of the door!
the 72H Cabin in Henriksholm, Sweden. The wall is a door is a wall.
the Outside House in Maui, Hawaii.  It has the coolest detached porch I’ve ever seen.
the Sky House in Oroville, Washington. I grew up in Seattle and I’ve never heard of it, but I now have a retirement plan.

Needless to say this is the perfect coffee table book. The photos alone take me out of body, and make me want to both travel and clean up my house.


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