Board Book Reviews

Happy Halloweenie by Katie Vernon. Little Simon, 2023. 9781665930604.
Weenie can’t decide what to be for Halloween, which provides a chance for Vernon to create hilarious illustrations and for young kids to learn some rhyming vocabulary words. My favorite is the Chewbacca-esque “hairy” costume.
Birthday Monsters by Sandra Boynton. Boynton Bookworks, 1993, 2014. 9781665925105.
Five birthday monsters wake a poor hippo up at 6am and create chaos! My daughter loved it when I used to read this book to her, and then she loved reading it to me.
And, good news, it seems like every Sandra Boynton book I remember is back in print now! ┬áDid they ever leave print? At least I’ve seen more out there recently than I remember reading, and I remember quite a few.) My favorites are :
  • Fifteen Animals (I’m sending this one to my friend Bob)
  • Jungle Night (I love Boynton’s hippos best, but the way she draws monkeys is a close second)
  • and EEK! Halloween! (the chickens are nervous)


The Wheels on the Tuk Tuk by Kabir Sehgal & Surishtha Sehgal, illustrated by Jeff Golden. Little Simon, 2023. 9781665921947.
Yeah, tuk tuk wheels go round and round, and people jump off and off as you’d expect. It also stops for the moo-moo-cow, and the riders say namaste-ji. It’s all a nice way to honor the tuk tuk walas in India who don’t stop for anything (and one of whom inspired the authors to write this). Golden’s illustrations are what keep me coming back to this book — they’re bright and friendly and make me want to take a ride.

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