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Library Comic is currently seen by  300,000+ library employees, library patrons, and book nerdy webcomics fans every week.

Library can be read on our website, in daily and weekly Mailchimp newsletters, plus via Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter. Its size and panel format are optimized for Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook, and it is designed to be read on phones and tablets as well as computers.


Library Comic followers / subcribers as of May 12, 2019:

70,042  Instagram followers

18,951  Tumblr followers

15,596 Facebook followers

4,052 Website users (April 2019) (source: Jetapack plugin for WordPress)

3,900 MailChimp subscribers (weekly and daily combined)

  992 Twitter followers

= 113,533 total followers / subscribers total


Our Facebook reach has varried betweeen 7,700 and 24,000 per week since January 2019, and averaged about 12,000 per week during the same period.

On Instragram weekly reach averages about 250,000, with an average of over 500,000 impressions per week.

Our audience is over 2/3 women. Ads with a lot of visual appeal do much better with Library Comic’s followers on Instagram and Facebook as they have a higher passalong factor.


If you’re thinking of sponsoring Library Comic and would like more information on our audience, contact geneambaum@gmail.com


— — historic numbers below ———

Instagram and Facebook measure reach — the unique number of viewers who saw one or more of our posts, or our posts over a specific period.

Our Facebook weekly reach has varied between about 5,000 and 84,000 between the week ending Jan. 1, 2018 and the week ending April 15, 2018. It currently averages about 20,000 per week. The median Facebook reach for this period is 16,507.

On Instagram weekly reach has varied between 103,000 and more than 598,00 during the same period. It averages about 255,000 per week. The median Instagram reach for this period is 236,751.

We’re comfortable saying that the numbers indicate over between 300,000 – 350,000 people read Library Comic every week. (Our shorthand for figuring this is total followers / subscribers + average Instagram reach. This number continues to climb, and we believe the actual number is likely higher than this based on our Tumblr followers in particular.)

Library Comic followers / subcribers as of 6/10/2018:

53,445 Instagram followers

19,600  Tumblr followers

14,010 Facebook followers

4,788 Website users (May 2018) (source: Google analytics)

3,525 MailChimp subscribers (weekly and daily combined)

837 Twitter followers

= 96,205 followers / subscribers total (and growing)


Demographic data as of 6/10/2018:

Facebook followers:

67% women


Instagram followers:

63% women

83% between the ages of 18 and 45





Library Comic followers / subscribers as of the morning of 4/15/2018:

52,316 Instagram followers

19,631  Tumblr followers

13,612 Facebook followers

4,567 Website users (3/14/18 – 4/14/18) (source: Google analytics)

3,518 MailChimp subscribers (weekly and daily combined)

803 Twitter followers

= 94,447 followers / subscribers total (and growing)


Library Comic followers / subscribers as of the morning of 10/22/2017

37,796 Instagram followers

17,171  Tumblr followers

11,615 Facebook followers

4,826 Website users (9/21 – 10/21/17 (source: Google analytics)

2,687 MailChimp subscribers (weekly and daily combined)

708 Twitter followers

74,803 followers / subscribers total (and growing)


Library Comic followers / subscribers as of the morning of 7/30/17:

30,400 Instagram followers

15,403 Tumblr followers

9,723 Facebook followers

3,988 Website users (6/30 – 7/30/17 (source: Google analytics)

2,694 MailChimp subscribers (weekly and daily combined)

657 Twitter followers

62865 followers / subscribers


Library Comic followers / subscribers as of the morning of 6/12/17:

26,200 Instagram followers

13,936 Tumblr followers

8396    Facebook followers

4858    Website Users 5/11 – 6/11/17 (source: Google Analytics)

2155     MailChimp Subscribers

628    Twitter followers

= 56,173   followers / subscribers total.