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Library Comic is seen by an average of over 300,000 library employees, library patrons, and book nerdy webcomics fans every week.

Library can be read on this website, in daily and weekly Mailchimp newsletters, plus via Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter. Its size and panel format are optimized for Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook, and it is designed to be read on phones and tablets as well as computers.


Instagram and Facebook also allow us to measure reach — the unique number of viewers who saw one or more of our posts.

Our Facebook weekly reach has varied between about 26,000 and 11,000 between the week ending Sept 2 and the week ending Oct 22 of 2017. It averages about 15,000 per week.

On Instagram weekly reach has varied between 195,000 and 473,000 during the same period. It averages about 311,000 per week.

Adding those reach numbers to our Tumblr, website, MailChimp, and Twitter subscribers / followers consistently indicates that over 300,000  people read at least one or more of our comics on average every week.

Library Comic followers / subscribers as of the morning of 10/22/2017

37,796 Instagram followers

17,171  Tumblr followers

11,615 Facebook followers

4,826 Website users (9/21 – 10/21/17 (source: Google analytics)

2,687 MailChimp subscribers (weekly and daily combined)

708 Twitter followers

74,803 followers / subscribers total (and growing)



— historic numbers below —

Library Comic followers / subscribers as of the morning of 7/30/17:

30,400 Instagram followers

15,403 Tumblr followers

9,723 Facebook followers

3,988 Website users (6/30 – 7/30/17 (source: Google analytics)

2,694 MailChimp subscribers (weekly and daily combined)

657 Twitter followers

62865 followers / subscribers total. 


Library Comic followers / subscribers as of the morning of 6/12/17:

26,200 Instagram followers

13,936 Tumblr followers

8396    Facebook followers

4858    Website Users 5/11 – 6/11/17 (source: Google Analytics)

2155     MailChimp Subscribers

628    Twitter followers

= 56,173   followers / subscribers total.


supporting screenshots below

Tumblr (from 7/30/17):

2017-7-30 Library Comic Tumblr stats











Instagram (from 7/30/17):























































Facebook likes / followers / reach from 7/30/17:

2017-7-30 Facebook stats (Sunday AM, Insights not working)