Graphic Novel Review: Taxi!: Stories from the Back Seat by Aimée de Jongh

Taxi!: Stories from the Back Seat by Aimée de Jongh. Conundrum, 2019. 9781772620399. 96pp.

Taxi rides in four cities (Paris, Jakarta, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C.) give de Jongh the chance to learn something about her drivers and to reveal a bit about herself. All of the rides are fascinating in their own way, though my favorites are probably the one in L.A. (it begins badly, but she manages to save it) and her ride in Jakarta, which starts out very out of control but ends with a deep, unexpected connection of the sort that I’ve only ever experienced far from home.

This memoir is the result of de Jongh’s graphic novel The Return of the Honey Buzzard having led to a lot of international travel. ( Blossoms in Autumn is excellent, too.) This is a simple, somewhat indirect and brilliant memoir. De Jongh’s art is, as always, stunning.


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