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Patron: Who let my child read this?
Jody: You did.

Patron: I wasn’t even here!
Jody: Exactly. I’m glad you understand.

Patron: So if I’d been here he wouldn’t have read this?
Jody: That would have been between you and your kid.

Patron: Would you let your kids read this?
Jody: That’s between me and them.


7 thoughts on “94”

  1. Sue Lester says:

    Our library is kind of the opposite. We don’t let adults “hang out” in the kids’ or teen’s area unless they are accompanied by a child.

    1. squiggles says:

      Well, she would have been in the company of her child to prevent him from reading the book.

    2. tlh-in-tlh says:

      I don’t see that there’s an indication that “unsupervised” adults “hang out” in the kids’ or teens’ areas in this library either.
      I like these dialogues.

    3. Bookworm87 says:

      As patron I would be verey unhappy if I’m not allowed in the kids’ or teen’s area. I often read those books myself! Furthermore the videogames are often in these areas too.

      1. gcat says:

        Sue Lester used the term “hang out,” so it’s possible you could go into the area and actively looking at material, but if you are just meandering around looking at other stuff, you may have someone approach you. Or it could be draconian and not let unsupervised adult in the area (I hope not).
        I always feel weird going into the kids/teens area to get material I want, but sometimes that where it is.

  2. delagar says:

    I too read a lot of young adult / children’s books. I’d be sad if I couldn’t go into those areas of the library and browse.

    Also, what about parents who are looking for books *for* their kids? When my kid (now 18) was younger, I’d sometimes pick up books for her.

  3. bluecat says:

    Wow okay people that is not the point of this comic at all. It’s about how library staff can not act in “loco parentis” and police what your kid reads or picks up in the library. That is your job as parent, not the library’s. Which is the joke here…the parent getting mad at the library for not being their kid’s parent…

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