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Patron: There's some guy over there stealing electricity.
Lucy: He's not stealing.

Patron: He’s not paying for it!
Lucy: Our library is open to the public. That includes the outlets.

Patron: So I can plug in my laptop? My space heater? My hair dryer?
Lucy: Everything but the dryer -- that would be too loud.

Patron 2: If you’re looking for a place to dry your hair, I’d suggest the bathroom. They never know what’s going on in there.


3 thoughts on “79”

  1. Chuk says:

    This storyline is very relevant to day to day library work — I don’t think I’ve ever seen the topic covered in other fiction.

    1. Librolover321 says:

      Try the “Cat in the Stacks” series by Miranda James. The series is based in a small southern community of Athena, GA and the main protagonist is Charlie Harris, retired public librarian/part-time academic cataloger who travels with his faithful companion and pet Maine-coon Deisel everywhere.
      Harris enjoys the small town life and the serenity it brings during his years as a widow, and yet he finds himself in the middle of mischief and murder in every book! Using his knowledge of information gathering and quiet nature, Harris finds himself almost enjoying his recent sleuth-like abilities, almost as if he lives out his favorite Agatha Christie novel!
      I really enjoy these books, I just got started on the series a month ago and I’m already on book three. The series is recent and relevant to library life. There are a couple of library technical terms that may not be understood unless you have had experience in the library field, but for the most part I find it as enjoyable as any other mystery. It isn’t intense or too fast pace, and I find it a perfect read on a lazy day.

  2. BrewCityBookslinger says:

    Oh, we know some of the things that go on in there. We wish we didn’t. We really, really wish we didn’t.

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