Thanks to Little, Brown Books for Young Readers for sponsoring this week’s Library Comic! Check out the new graphic novel by cartoonist Mark Tatulli (Lio, the Desmond Puck series) about how, in the 1970s, he tried bulking up by way of the ads in the back of comic books before discovering a new obsession, Star Wars. http://librarycomic.com/20180827/?utm_source=web

↓ Transcript
Patron: What am I supposed to put in that blank?
Martin: It’s asking for the name of your previous employer.

Patron: I feel like it’s a trick question.
Martin: It looks utterly straightforward.

Patron: It’s some kind of test!
Martin: Well they are trying to decide if you’re worth interviewing based on your answers.

Patron: I’m not going to play their game!
Martin: You may have been staring at that screen a bit too long. Let’s find you a good book to read.


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