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Patron: Why do you think you can talk to me that way?
Jody: What way?

Patron: You’re rude because you don’t know our customs.
Jody: “Our?”

Patron: Us. We. The people here.

Jody: Do you speak for yourself, or have the weirdos elected you as their official representative?


4 thoughts on “43”

  1. Awesome Aud says:

    What a thoroughly unpleasant individual.

    1. Sam says:

      which one? I mean yes the library patron is incredibly rude and entitled, but the replies from the clerk are not that great either.

      1. Bookworm1987 says:

        The patron is rude and insulting Jody personally. I think her replies are therefore completely acceptable.

  2. I’m going to walk around and lick my arm!

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