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Gigi: Our rules need to specify how those two can work together in the library.
Lucy: They do: “quietly.”

Gigi: They need to talk to collaborate.
Lucy: Then they need to figure out how to do that without disturbing the people around them.

Gigi: I think we could offer more guidance.
Lucy: Like, “Don’t fill the library with your jibber-jabber.” ?

Gigi: Maybe something a little more helpful, a little less Mr. T.
Patron 1: Could you please take your conversation somewhere else?
Patron 2: You’re making it hard for us to work.


2 thoughts on “357”

  1. Laura says:

    Isn’t this what small-group study rooms are for?

  2. Sue Lester says:

    At our library, people are allowed to speak to each other at the normal “indoor voice” volume. We have a reading room where several people can read without bothering each other, a “quiet study” room for people who want to work alone or use their laptops with earphones, and a couple of rooms for small groups that might work together on “noisier” projects.

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