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↓ Transcript
Grant: There’s no soap in the staff restroom.
Martin: I had to put it in the public mens’ room to save our collection.

Grant: So I have to wash my hands with the public?
Martin: This is better than no one being able to wash their hands.

Grant: I swore I’d never go into the public restroom again.
Martin: I assure you the situation is temporary.

Patron: The men’s room is out of toilet paper.
Grant: Bring me the soap while you’re at it.


One thought on “343”

  1. Elliot says:

    _Staff_ restroom? Every library I’ve worked in, librarians and staff have had to use the same restrooms as our patrons. There is and was no such thing as a _staff_ restroom in any of the libraries I’ve worked in, at least not for men (there is one women’s restroom in the library accessible only to women staff and librarians who can only get in with a workplace key.

    Of course, I suppose I wouldn’t complain if we did have such a “luxury” in our library and wouldn’t have done so if that had been the case in my previous bibliographic workplaces. We do have several lockable, one-person lavatories, which are also available to the public. And actually, those are better than staff-only bathrooms and more democratic.

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