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↓ Transcript
Martin: We don’t have a book with that call number in this library.
Patron: Is it at another library in your system?

Martin: I checked, and no.
Patron: But I wrote it down after seeing it in your catalog.

Martin: You made a mistake. It happens.
Patron: Not to me. And I double checked it.

Martin: Then you made two mistakes. Or is that three?


3 thoughts on “336”

  1. Sue Mary Lester says:

    Oh for Pete’s sake, ask her the title. Or do a subject search. Telling her she is wrong is not helpful, and being helpful is your job.

    1. That_Boney_Librarian says:

      The title is what she should have written down in the first place.

  2. Reynar says:

    One time I got a call from someone that had a call number it was in the ESL section, 428.34 and I forget the cutter, one of the publishers. Not knowing which of the 8 or so books on the shelf with the same call number she wanted I asked the title of the book and she proceeded to yell at me “Why can’t you just tell me if you have that book!” With her getting angrier the more I tried to get any tiny bit of helpful information, I finally just said yes.

    I would have felt better if I was more like Martin and she would have gotten just as much help as she could possibly get.

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