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Jody: I’m afraid you can’t sleep in the library.

Patron: Sorry.  

Patron: I’m just waiting for a friend.
Jody: You could read a book while you wait.

Patron: That’s what put me to sleep in the first place.
Jody: You could try reading a better book.


4 thoughts on “328”

  1. Bookworm87 says:

    I never understood what’s so terrible about a sleeping patron? As long as he/she doesn’t snore too loudly or drools over the books, snoozing shouldn’t be a problem.

    1. Rosa Sophia says:

      I think it depends on the situation. We had a guy who was rude and entitled and treated the library like it was his house. Instead of just accidentally falling asleep in a chair, he draped his legs over one end of the chair, and his head over the other. When we told him he could not sleep in the library, he was rude to the librarian. If someone just falls asleep by accident, that’s a different thing entirely. 🙂 It’s not quite “I pay taxes so I should be able to do anything I want here.”

    2. SeanR says:

      I think the point in all of such rules is to retain a facility for the use it’s been committed to. If sleeping in the library isn’t prevented, soon the library becomes an ad-hoc shelter. If you want it to continue to be a library, you prevent this alternate use.
      So, you give the bums rush to anyone who persists in napping. Wordplay very much intentional.

      The same would apply to park and bus stop benches.

  2. Chris Jordan says:

    The library where I went to college kept couches scattered about which were pretty exclusively used for between class naps. So depends on the situation.

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